about the girl

Hello there. Clearly you've clicked here because you want to find out more about the girl. Shall we start at the beginning? I am Melanie. I hate being called Mel because of my completely ridiculous and unjustified problem with Mel Gibson and his acting career. I was born in London and spent my childhood in between the Philippines and London, which is explained by the whole being half Filipino thing.
At the wonderful age of 20 I went to study politics and international relations at university following which I decided to get a job in social media and tweeted my life away for awhile. Then one day in 2011 a broken heart and the untimely death of my father prompted me to buy a ticket to South-East Asia and start a huge adventure. Running away was something I became very good at. But after a couple of years of living out of a backpack, getting cholera and working in Tokyo, I decided to come back to London in 2013. (You can take a look at my adventures around the world here.)
Nowadays I get paid to work with clothes, people and excel spreadsheets in the heart of London. And there's nowhere I would rather be. Outside of work I do things like most people do. I also blog about life, love and burgers here in London as I start my grown up life being a proper grown up. I really like it here in London and I think I'll stay. 

Never hesitate to email me if you have any questions or you just want to say hi, I'm pretty nice and it gives me something to do on the tube: melanie@girlvlondon.com

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