Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Girl v. Disneyland

Last week I lived out a childhood dream of mine, I went to Disneyland! It was so much fun despite it being the only day that week it rained. The rain just could not dampen my spirits! I never went as a child so I felt I had finally completed "childhood". (Does that mean I now have to grow up for real?)
I loved the tackiness of it all; the faded facades, the screaming girls chasing Daisy and Donald around the park, the outdated rides. At one point we watched a 3D musical starring Michael Jackson (1980s Michael), it was literally like stepping back into the 80s. The park definitely had a "20th century vibe" but I think that was what made it so great... Like the way riding in your 13 year old Peugeot 106 holds a special feeling in your heart no matter how many sports cars you take for a spin ;)