Thursday, 14 April 2011

ice cream, Liberty's and learning to love doughnuts. or how I got over unrequited love

Window shopping is my biggest vice. Having vowed not to buy anything new before my trip to Asia as a means to save money I still manage to torture myself by spending whole afternoons wandering around the glorious Liberty’s picking out luxurious bags, shoes,  scarves and fabulous lingerie to drape all over myself. It brings a tear to my eye! But I can’t help myself... And it’s the same with boys.
But then the other day I realised something about unrequited love... It’s best just to walk that shit off and find someone or something else you’re excited about. If it drives you crazy then why put yourself through that stuff, eh? Perhaps you like ice cream, I mean you REALLY like ice cream but your ice cream man friend won’t give you any... Well maybe he’s got a good reason. Like it would cut into his profits. Or he’s promised it to someone else. Maybe he still likes you as a friend and still wants to hang out with you... While it might be reasonable from his point of view, it still drives you crazy to be with him. So just don’t hang out with him. Don’t go to Liberty’s and don’t put yourself through that sort of temptation. So what? You only like ice cream? You only like overpriced designer label shit? You only like him? So it’s ice cream/Vivienne Westwood/him or nothing? Don’t be an asshole. Learn to love doughnuts.
And so I walked out of Liberty’s and treated myself to some lingerie from Marks and Spencers, I deleted his number and I went to Krispy Kremes. And that’s how I learnt how to love doughnuts. 


  1. While I applaud your eventual realisation, I do have to point out that there's a Ben's Cookies just across the road from Liberty - so unless there's a Kirspy Kreme actually in the store (and there isn't), you could have learned to love cookies in a shorter period of time, and they taste a little nicer.

    Only a little, though. But they're also fresher.

    Unless his name was Ben, in which case I have no objection.

  2. His name wasn't Ben but he seemed like a "Ben"... I don't really like cookies - if you're going to indulge you may as well eat a blob of sugary heart attack nom :)
    I went to Selfridges Food Hall en route to M&S ! Can always count on good old Selfridges.

  3. What a neat post! Looking forward for more post from you. Thank you for sharing!

  4. I can think of at least one friend I might send this to. It may help them greatly

    All best,


  5. Oh, yes, of course, Selfridges - although their cupcakes are more to die for than a Krispy Kreme; however, like you, I'd head for Krispy Kreme to aid me through heartbreak, so I see you perfectly well with that one.

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  7. hey melan! has anyone ever said that you bear an uncanny resemblance to keothavong?!?

    anne keothavong

  8. ^^ no one ever has but thanks, she's pretty cool! I wish I had her athletic ability!

  9. seriously Krispy Kreme and I have a sick relationship :)

  10. bloody loved this.

    Helen, X